Reviews From Prep4sure Customers


"I liked this written exam braindump. Passed easily. Teleconferencing setup and configuration questions are a bummer, but this bundle had given me correct answers. Very useful, I'm very satisfied. Samantha"

I Passed

"This covers everything you need, including Endpoint configuration and icomm details. These materials provide real exam questions for both exams. I passed CCNA video. Joshua"


"I passed both CCIE R&S exams, written and lab, recently, and must admit that Prep4sure materials are very useful. They give you exact questions, in different order that you see them on the exam but who cares. Although all of them are useful, I found that I had most trouble learning how to troubleshoot VPN technologies, so for me this section of the lab exam braindump was a godsend. Ash"

CCIE R&S Is Hard But Prep4sure Help You

"Prep4sure is good makes it easier to pass both exams. The Lab exam went great for me thanks this braindump. I know what to expect and had no problem implement IPsec with preshared key, IPv4 to IPv6. CCIE is hard, but I could do it and so can you. Mohammed"

SLAAC/DHCPv6 Interaction

"Very good preparation, lots of IPv6 quesitons, VPN technologies and Cisco equipment troubleshooting. For Layer 3, learn SLAAC/DHCPv6 interaction because there is more than one question on it. Good luck. Stephanie"

Nothing To Worry About

"I passed my CCIE R&S exams this summer, and this bundle has made the process very easy. No fuss, no stress. The questions are real, it's true. There are a lot of Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies questions, VPN troubleshooting and IPv4 and IPv6 correlation. Don't stress about the lab exam. It's harder, but everything you need is in the bundle. Vittorio"

I Recommend!

"I recommend this bundle of 2 CCIE Routing and Switching exams to everyone who wants to reach this certification. The 400-101 exam is tough, so make sure you learn everything in the braindump, especially implementing and troubleshooting IOS AAA using local database, device access control, and switch security features (the list is long!). I passed the exam with around 900. Eddie"


"This is fantastic, I passed my lab exam last week, and the written exam earlier this month! As many people point out here, these braindumps are a great way to learn, either for the exam, or just for your knowledge! On my exams, I had lots of unified communications manager troubleshooting questions and security stuff, good thing I knew all the answers!! Isabelle"

I Passed

"My friends told me I could count on Prep4sure for Cisco exam preparation, and this time I did. The braindumps are very convenient to use, I love how they are set up. The question order helps you memorize things better. This is how I learned Codecs and secured phone connectivity formats. I passed both the written and the lab exam, with over 900! Anton"


"I passed 2 CCIE exams using Prep4sure. This is very nice, real questions and answers make it easy to prepare and pass. All 400-051 written exam questions are real, and the CUCM part is the most helpful. I also like how they explain UCCX CTI Integration. Robert"

Great Lab Exam Prep

"These braindumps are very nice, I didn't have any trouble passing both exams. One for the lab exam was especially useful since it's hard to find information on what to expect. Prep4sure gives you all answers and makes it clear HOW to do it, like how do you configure Cusco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), exact troubleshooting scenarios etc. It's VERY helpful! Alex"

Same Questions, Different Sequencing

"This bundle has helped me prepare for both CCIE DC exams. I love their approach, especially with UCS architecture and management related questions. I found that the order of the questions puts them in the context making the information easier to memorize. On the exam, the order was different, but the questions were the same!! Just beware that sometimes they also change the answer order, so make sure you read every word and understand the question and answers. Christopher"

Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"This is an excellent way to pas CCIE DC exams. I got through both thanks to this website. Prep4sure braindumps are great, and I hear more and more people using them. No issues at all, and the UCS, SAN connectivity and Cisco UCS KVM are just the best. I love this company, thanks prep4sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marc"

Great Stuff

"For me this bundle was a great way to get CCIE certified. I never thought I would ever get as high as CCIE DC. These dumps are great and equip you with everything you need! Great questions on data center virtualization, Cisco Nexus 1000V caveats and the UCS. There's also a good pile of lab exam prep. Andy"

Good NX-OS Coverage

"I've had a very good experience getting CCIE certified with Prep4sure. Both CCIE DC exams are hard, but these braindumps made things easier. What I found most useful was the coverage of Cisco NX-OS architecture, file management, Cisco NX-OS recovery and troubleshooting. I passed! Pathman"

I Passed

"I have just passed the written exam (350-080) required for CCIE Data Center certification. This braindump is very nice, in my case most questions were exactly the same. It covered everything I needed to know about data center virtualization tools. I found the VM-FEX questions to be a bit tricky, but it's ok. The dump is good, I highly recommend it. Joe"

Great Material

"Very nice exam prep, I passed both exams easily using these files. It's a great way to practice, especially when it comes to the L3VPN technologies and troubleshooting. The lab exam section is also excellent as it gives you the scenarios and directions. Irakly"

You Need This To Pass

"I highly recommend this bundle to everyone planning to get CCIE SP certified. Exams for this certification are hard, and it takes a lot of work to pass them. Prep4sure does most of it for you. 350-029 written exam I got from this website had most of the questions provided during the exam. I found the GRE L3VPN, Multicast VPN and L3 to be the hardest, but it's doable. Without these dumps, I think I would fail, and this is why so many people don't pass Cisco exams from the first try. Krishnan Sharma"

Great Braindump

"I love this. I passed both exams thanks to it. The written exam questions are real, almost everything that I had on the exam was present in the braindump. Great questions on network convergence, scalability, tunneling based on provider network design. The lab exam braindump was valid as well. Veronique"

Worth The Money

"Cisco lab exams are a pain, especially the CCIE SP. I purchased these braindumps because of it! The dump for lab exam is really good, lots of options for Carrier Ethernet, Packet over SONET, LDP, AToM, MPLS TE ets IOS and IOS-XR scenarios, and this is exactly what I had on the lab exam. Worth the money. Amin"

Exceeds Expectations

"I passed both CCIE SP exams using Prep4sure products, and they have absolutely exceeded my expectations. This was the first time I used exam braindumps of any kind btw. The written exam went great, Prep4sure's coverage of core IP technologies (SONET, IGP, MPLS etc) is fantastic, no problems at all. I knew the answers to all management and troubleshooting questions! The lab exam is more stressful, but the braindump gave me most questions and scenarios, so I passed it too. Jonathan"

Thanks For The ICOMM Baindump

"I am happy to report that I have just passed my second exam for CCNA Video thanks to this website. People say that these new CCNAs are hard, and it's true. I only passed thanks to Prep4sure and their interactive approach. Otherwise I would have never passed the 640-461 ICOMM exam - it just has too many details I can't get my head around. Sundeep"

Great CCNA Video Prep!

"I got my CCNA Video certification through these braindumps. Both of them are great, but I really appreciated the VIVND exam practice. I learned so much from it, including Cisco Video & Conferencing Concepts, and Endpoint Configuration. These questions were presented exactly the way I got them on my exams. I'm very happy with my experience. Emmie"

Very Nice

"I passed both exams for my CCNA Video certification thanks to these practice tests. Both braindumps are really nice and consist of real exam questions which I have seen for myself. The 200-001 VIVND exam was a breeze - I finished very early and wasn't worried at all. With the 640-461 ICOMM, however, was a bit more of a challenge since it went very deep into the details of Cisco Unified communications system which I just couldn't remember. But I passed both exams, and this is what counts. Ashton"


"This is a great way to prepare for your 640-792 TPTECH exam. I bought it a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. IT covers a variety of questions, both theory and practice, like networks settings for Ethernet port on laptop (IP address, subnet mask and default gateway) and establishing a connection with Ethernet ports on Cisco equipment etc. I passed with 80%, very satisfied. Anoop"

Prep4sure Is Great!

"This product has helped me get my CCT TelePresence certification. Very helpful and easy to use, I especially loved the web interface connection and other cisco telepresence service questions. Also helpful that now they directly relate to my job. Jennifer"


"This is a great braindump. Like many others, I purchases it to ensure I pass my first-ever Cisco exam, and I did. It includes loads of questions on Cisco VoIP technology, including Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco TelePresence, and loads of TelePresence questions. Now I can confirm that all of them are real and valid (aka I had them on the real exam). Zack"

I Passed

"I passed the CCT Telepresence exam thanks to this braindump I purchased at Prep4sure. Great interactive approach, smooth software. I found some questions like USE SSH for CLI connection and HTTP/HTTPS for the web interface connection to be especially useful. And yes, this braindump is just a good way to memorize all cisco telepresence equipment. Andrew"

Smooth 640-792 TPTECH Experience

"Prep4sure materials were the only source of exam preparation I used as I needed to get certified quickly for work. This braindump did the job, and I passed. It's great in covering Cisco TelePresence equipment, both hardware components and cabling. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to pass this exam with no extra fuss. Alistair"


"I passed the 640-692 RSTECH exam yesterday!! This was my first Cisco exam, so I got this prep4sure kit to make sure I wouldn't be caught offguard on any thing. It worked out very well as the questions are real and make things easier. General networking questions weren't too hard, but the variety of Cisco equipment and software operations are a challenge. Prep4sure has helped me get through it. Martin"

Love It

"Thanks to this product, I am now a CCT in Routing and Switching. The questions are hard, but they come with answers, which is the best! Most of what I got on the exam were properties and comparisons of Cisco equipment: Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3560, 3750 and 2975 & 2960 Series switches, Cisco 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900, 7200, 7300, 7600 Series Integrated Service routers. That's a lot of stuff to remember, so this braindump was very helpful. Arti"


"This braindump has helped me pass the 640-692 RSTECH exam with a nearly perfect score (90%). Great questions, almost identical to what I got on the exam. The info and tricks on those dozens of Cisco routers have been especially helpful. Prep4sure rocks! Anton"

So Cool

"I'm amazed at this website! I made an order based on positive reviews, and couldn't be happier! These are real exam questions, so I passed the CCT R&S exam easily. Moreover, the information Prep4sure provides actually helps you learn and work in the long run! I found the Cisco Equipment questions to be especially helpful as they help you understand and learn, not just memorize for the exam. It's perfect, so I'm now recommending this exam preparation solution to all my friends and colleagues. Laurie"

I Passed

"It's really good. I used this braindump to prepare for the new RSTECH exam and I passed with flying colors. They give you everything you need to know about the variety of Cisco routers, as well as the IOS software operation. I'm very happy with the result, and will be back for my next certification exam. Paul"

Solid Braindump

"This is exactly what they claim: real questions and answers for the DCTECH (010-151) exam. I got them almost all, and for the price they charge, this is a bargain. I wouldn't have gotten through the Cisco NX-OS software and Cisco identity equipment sections without this website. Manish"

I Recommend It!

"I have a lot of friends in IT who use Prep4sure, and now I can see why. This braindump was the only prep I did for the DCTECH exam, and I passed! So cool! The questions are real! Besides, this is a great way to learn, and now I feel very confident knowing Cisco hardware, software and networking approaches. Highly recommended. Peter"

Good Prep

"I used these materials to pass this exam, too. I'm very happy with the result as this brandump fully covers the CCT Data center topics and DCTECH objectives. All questions, especially networking, like SAN, FTP, TFTP are real, I had them on the exam. Jereme"

I Passed Both Exams!

"Prep4sure braindumps have always been great, I've been using them for years. The bundle for CCIE Collaboration is also good, with real exam questions for the written exams and full scenarios, explanations, equipment etc for the lab exam. Be sure to learn everything about CUCM (Cisco unified communication manager) as there are plenty of questions about it on the actual exam (I had ALL from the braindump), and voice and video CODECs: H.264, ILBC, ISAC, LATM, G.722, Wide band. Aaron"

I Passed The 010-151!

"I am now CCT certified thanks to this braindump. Their DCTECH exam prep is great, most questions are exactly the same. Personally I appreciated the questions on various Cisco Nexus series(2000, 5000, 7000 etc) and other server components. Annas"

Good DCTECH Prep

"I came across Prep4sure when I was looking for materials to prepare for my CCT Data Center certification. This website offers great prep, and I found their coverage of SAN and Level 2 technologies, as well as Cisco NX-OS software, to be especially helpful. Bernhard"

Makes CCIE Easy

"Reliable exam prep if you plan to go CCIE in Cisco collaboration track. They frame the QoS questions really well, unlike many others, when QoS becomes the most boring chapter. Checkout those few medianet questions - mine was tricky, but I was able to pull through and pass. Nicky"


"Great stuff. It's been really helpful to have Prep4sure before my exam. It made the ASA 5500-X NGFW questions easier, since I'm a bit of a newbie in the field, and have not spent as much time on it as I probably should have. All in all, excellent exam stuff, don't miss the ESA GUI questions - I had quite a few of them. Ashton"

Unparalleled Exam Prep

"Solid exam prep, everything is exactly what they promise. I spent most time on SRST and CUE questions during my preparation, and they were the same as what I got on the exam. I also loved the entire Unity Connection series of questions, very helpful both for the exam and for your career further on. Dimitry"

Extremely Helpful

"Before I got this bundle, I was really worried about the UCCX CTI Integration and UCCX questions, but Prep4sure lays it out clearly. Combined with a huge Cisco IOS part, this is a must have if you plan to take this exam. I'm now CCIE thanks to this product. Michael"

Great CCIE Prep

"I only passed this CCIE Collaboration exam thanks to this kit from Prep4sure. I loved how they shaped the voice and video CODECs section, H.264, ILBC and LATM related tricks have never looked more clear. The CUCM section is great, too. I really recommend this to everyone planning to take the CCIE Collaboration exam. Ivan"

I Passed 300-207 Exam

"Great 300-207 exam prep, it has helped me loads. I found the cloud web security part to be most helpful, with AnyConnect and ASA connector questions. I passed and will be back for my next Cisco exam soon. Ron"

Very Helpful

"OK, I was dreading this security exam, but Prep4sure has helped me get through it easily. Don't get me wrong: the exam is still challenging, but Prep4sure questions are authentic and helpful. I found the IPS part to be especially useful, as well as the ASA NGFW vs. WSA vs. CWS questions. Tricky stuff, but Prep4sure solved the problem for me. Ellie"

Excellent Exam Preparation Kit

"I'm very happy with Prep4sure. I purchased this kit mainly to get clarification and reassurance on the ESA GUI questions, since I didn't know it that well. Now I finally understand how it can be implemented for message tracking, and yes, I passed the 300-207 exam! Peter"

Highly Recommended

"I passed, and happy to report that these materials give you pretty much everything you need to know about Cisco Prime Infrastructure - I didn't even need to educate myself about Cisco Prime any more. This is a very good bundle, all virtualization and cloud security stuff was exact;y what I got on the exam, and the Unified IPv6/IPv4 ACL on the ASA section was extremely helpful, too. Aneesh"

Great Info And Questions

"The Level 2 defense section is very good, lots of helpful info and pointers. I had the PVLANs questions on the exam, and don't think I would have gotten through them without Prep4sure. Same goes for SFTP, and DHCP and other aspects relating to Cisco devices. That's some really cool exam prep. Jamie"

I Love It

"LOVED IT! Just got back from my exam, with the long-awaited SENSS exam under my belt. It's great to know that Prep4sure does what they claim: they give you exactly what you need. The Threat Defense part has been very useful for me, specially the Layer 2 security and DHCP snooping. I love how it was laid out, very helpful indeed. Aarti"

I Passed

"I really liked this braindump for the SENSS exam. IT has really helped me pass, especially all CLI/ASDM-related questions, which I had quite a few during the exam. Before I got this, I also found myself struggling with implementing RBAC on the ASA/IOS with CLI and ASDM, but Prep4sure has it covered very well. Thanks guys, I'll be back. Josh"

Excellent: I Passed With 988!

"This is excellent! I passed my 648-375 exam yesterday with a nearly perfect score of 988. Thank you Prep4sure! The materials in the bundle are authentic and valid - this is what I got on my Cisco exam. I knew answers to most of the questions, and some more questions were very similar and on the subjects fully covered in the study guide, so I was able to answer them by myself. Not only did I get an excellent learning tool which has helped me expand my professional knowledge, but I also received an easy pass to my Cisco certification. Just perfect! Emily"

I Passed With Ease

"This exam preparation bundle included the questions I was asked at the exam - something I didn't believe could be possible. So the stuff they provide is absolutely valid. It seems to be frequently updated to keep up with the official updates made by Cisco. Very good quality, the testing engine runs smoothly and is very user friendly. There's nothing I don't like about it! Lisa"

I'm Very Happy With This

"Prep4sure is a dream come true! This braindump has helped me pass the Cisco exam and now I'm able to apply for better jobs, and I am in a position to pick a better employer. This is something I could not even dream of a few years ago. This exam and certification is very focused on Cisco products, but I found that other employers will be interested in you, too. Just the fact that you passed a Cisco exam shows them that you are a good candidate. Prep4sure 648-375 preparation bundle has helped me get most of the questions right. All topics and areas have been covered, so I did not have any major issues while taking the exam. Some Cisco product questions are tricky and a little misleading, but Prep4sure has helped me get most of them right. Mark"

Proven Exam Braindump

"I passed this exam with Prep4sure. Everything's right and updated, no issues or complaints from me. Prep4sure is a valid resource for IT exam braindumps: confirmed and proven. Jim"

Good Experience

"Prep4sure provided me with valid exam questions and answers. Everything was accurate and real, so I had no trouble passing this exam, even though I didn't spend that much time studying. Even if you have a very basic knowledge of Cisco products and services, you can pull it off with this bundle. I was a little stressed purely because of the huge amount of information (Cisco has too many products and possible scenarios), but as I kept going through the questions, things started falling into place, and my confusion disappeared. All in all, I had a great experience with Prep4sure, and hope that so will you. Serge"

Stress-free Exam

"I am a Sales Engineer who needed to boost my career with a prestigious certification. Prep4sure has helped me pass Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (648-375 CXFS) exam and I highly recommend their products to my colleagues and friends. Prep4sure bundle has made the 60 minutes of the exam surprisingly easy, something I did not expect to experience during a Cisco exam. 648-375 exam is very product focused, which is expected of a sales certification, and the Prep4sure bundle reflects it perfectly. I wasn't confident in all these scenarios, analyzing Cisco product landscape given all tricky questions that can be asked on the subject, but thanks to Prep4sure I didn't have any trouble during the exam. Josh"

Prep4sure Is Really Good

"I didn't plan to use any braindumps for my IT certification exams, but being under pressure of the difficulty of Cisco exams, I ordered this bundle. I was impressed by the quality of these materials, they are absolutely worth the money, and I believe that they could cost more, this is how great they are! I didn't have any trouble while taking my exam thanks to Prep4sure. I simply knew all questions and answers! I got 978 with only a few week's exam preparation, besides having some work experience, which was certainly helpful, too. So yes, Prep4sure is really good and highly recommended. Alina"

Prep4sure Beats Other Options

"I am very happy with this bundle as I got over 960 on this Cisco exam. I read the official Cisco guide a little, but I guess Prep4sure was my main preparation resource. I memorized most of the questions and answers, and also invested the time to really understand the scenarios and tech/practice focused parts of the exam. I think that by itself purchasing the Prep4sure bundle does not guarantee that you will pass your exam - and some Cisco exams are really hard. Yet, if you study their materials hard and really put your mind and your heart into your exam preparation, then Prep4sure definitely beats any other exam prep options available out there. Maxim"

The Best

"I got a good result with this bundle. Very good quality, questions are accurate and I got most of them on the exam. After I have passed it, I recommended Prep4sure to my colleagues, and everyone passed their exams, too (some of them took Cisco exams, others did Microsoft, VMware, etc). I have not heard a bad review of Prep4sure, so this must be the best IT training you can currently find online. Andy"

I'm Very Satisfied With Prep4sure

"I passed too, and very delighted to report that Prep4sure adhere to the claims they make. They provide real exam questions and the testing engine works perfectly. The bundle contains everything they promise, and their customer service works well (I had to get in touch with them since first my online payment would not go through, but it turned out to be my fault). Anyways, this is a very good product, much better than I had expected. I passed 648-232 exam with nearly top score, something I never thought I was capable of. Thank you. Nicholas K."


"I got 1000/1000 on this exam thanks to Prep4sure. This is an absolutely valid dump, very reliable and professionally developed. They probably have Cisco insiders verifying the questions, so what you get in this bundle is most likely what you'll see on your Cisco exam. At least this is how it was for me. Very happy, will be using Prep4sure again. Joey"

I Passed

"I passed the CWSDI (Cisco WebEx Solutions Design and Implementation) exam last week and fully relied on this dump from Prep4sure for my preparation. This is a great way to get certified as somehow the questions come from the real pool of exam questions used by Cisco. This way, almost all questions I got on the exam looked familiar, and I knew answers to them. This is very reliable and trustworthy, especially given their money back guarantee (I have a friend who somehow failed an Architect level exam and got his money back, so this is for real). Andy"

I Passed The CXFA Exam

"I passed the CXFA exam thanks to Prep4sure, too. Good to know I'm not alone! This is a great way to prepare for IT exams. I was worried I'd fail, so I ordered this bundle. The testing engine runs very smoothly, so I could practice in the exam environment for hours, using real exam questions and checking my answers. As a result, I knew pretty much everything on the exam, which was the best Christmas and New Year present I could give myself! Ploi"


"Hands down the best Cisco preparation I could find. I've been going through the free stuff they give you on forums and stuff, but it's so bad that I wanted to find something of good quality, even if I had to pay for it. This bundle has ticked all the boxes, from the quality and brand reputation to good reviews, so I gave it a go. I got the 980 on the exam and am fully happy with Prep4sure. Irmak"

Really Good

"This Cisco dump is great and is absolutely worth the money. I'm not crazy about paying for stuff like that, but since the exam is so expensive and stressful, I decided it would be smarter to get a safety net, meaning this bundle. This Prep4sure dump is really good, the questions are valid and the answers are correct, which I have double checked with some friends (sometimes exam dumps give you wrong answers, but not this one). All in all, I passed my exam just the way I hoped for, and now I recommend Prep4sure to everyone. Gennadiy"

I Passed

"This exam preparation kit has proven itself to be absolutely worth the money as I passed the 365 (CXFA) exam earlier this week with the score of 968. All questions are valid, this is what they give you at the exam! I don't know how Prep4sure does it, but they've been keeping this up for years. My cousin used them for another IT exam years ago and says they were just as good back in the day. Very reliable and trustworthy. Trevor"

I Got 1000/1000

"This preparation kit has been very useful during my exam preparation. I got 1000! I am not a good test taker and can go blank on the exam, which is not a good thing, especially if this is a Cisco exam, when time is your enemy. I had experience of failing IT exams in the past and wanted to avoid it at all costs, so I purchased this bundle. It has helped me pass with 1000/1000. It had everything I needed to know, and since I had spent countless hours studying, cramming and making notes, I had no trouble passing this exam with the highest score possible. Zack"

I Passed 646-365

"I passed this exam. This bundle included most questions that I got in the testing center, so I'm pretty sure that Prep4sure is the only reason I got 972 on the exam. Not sure what I got wrong and I guess it's my own fault, but I'm very happy with this result. Thanks Prep4sure, keep up the good work, you're amazing. Irina"

I Passed This Exam With Prep4sure

"Cisco's Unified Communications exam (999) is the hardest exam I have ever come across. I spent months studying for it, with all Cisco official resources and everything one could find - and failed it miserably. But I didn't give up! A few months later, I added Prep4sure to my preparation schedule and kept practicing on the testing engine and the real exam questions they provide. I believe this is exactly what helped me pass the second time around! I wish I hadn't wasted the time and money on all this unnecessary Cisco stuff (their books aren't bad in general, but I believe they don't give you the best exam preparation). Jack"

I Passed

"This is by far the best draindump I have ever used. It helped me pass this Unified communications exam (thank God!), which I was really worried about. Yet, as others have attested, most of the questions are identical to what you are about to see on the exam, and it was true in my case. I'm so happy I passed this exam! Jenna"

Great Experience So Far

"The best IT exam prep I have ever come across. Actually my exam is in a few days, but I feel so ready and reassured, especially now that I've read all the positive reviews here. The testing engine seems to be very helpful, it's easy to remember questions and answers, plus, if you keep going through them time after time, you start seeing a bigger picture and understand the concepts better. So far, I've had great experience with Prep4sure! Paul"


"I have passed the 999 exam with this! This is the first time I used Prep4sure, but now I know it's not gonna be the last one! With the practice exams and real Cisco questions, taking this exam was surprisingly easy. This is a great way to get certified, especially with Cisco certifications - which are nothing like anything else. If you've been through any of their exams, you'll know what I mean. Cisco is hard, but Prep4sure is a blessing! Daniel"


"This is an absolutely valid exam dump, which you rarely come across for a higher level exams (simply because the associate level dumps are easier to make!). In this case, everything is perfect, the dump is absolutely valid. It helped me get a nearly perfect score on the exam and sealed the deal for my CCNP. You can trust this brand. Andrew"

Prep4sure Made Things Easier For Me

"I passed the 642-999 (Cisco Unified Computing) exam with this bundle from Prep4sure. I'm not sure I would have done it without it! The thing is, it covers a huge range of topics, and if you prepare for the exam on your own, without a proven strategy, chances are that some things can fall through the cracks. These are just a few areas Prep4sure has really helped me with: computing environment in a standalone and rack-mountable configuration, provisioning of storage resources, backup, management functions, deployment of a virtualized environment - there is just too much info! Prep4sure covers everything, and since they use real exam questions passing the Cisco with less stress is a lot easier. Mohammed"

Great Bundle

"I have recently passed the 642-998 exam with this bundle. This is a great solution if you need a quick yet reliable preparation for this exam. This is a Cisco professional level, so expect that you still need to spend time playing with Cisco equipment - practical experience is key. Yet, as far and exam simulations go, Prep4sure is the winner. Their testing engine really simulates the exam, including these Cisco-specific question types and lab stuff. It does make things easier, and in my case, I believe it contributed to me getting a 1000 score (on a Cisco exam! I could not believe my eyes! I knew I did well, but this was a surprise!!) Ivan"

Great Learning Experience

"I also had a good experience with this preparation set, which led me to passing the exam with over 980. The questions are real and valid, and the testing engine is a great/preparation tool, even if you're not planning on taking the exam and just want to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge. I've given mine to a friend, who also works in this area but just received her CCNA, so for now CCNP is out of the question. What I mean is it's a great learning tool for everyone. And if you plan to take the exam, this is a stairway to success :). Ashley"

Very Relevant And Trustworthy

"Excellent Cisco preparation, I passed with 978. Everything's relevant and correct. Thanks. Gary"

Confessions Of A Straight A Student

"I never thought I would be using braindumps for serious IT exams (I was always an honors student, lol), but as your career progresses and you have more responsibilities, including your family, finding time and money to prepare for your exams get harder and harder. Yet, to provide for your family, you need to keep your career and knowledge growing... So, puzzled and a little guilty, I ordered this Prep4sure bundle. It lived up to my expectations, as I passed the 998 exam with a perfectly good score. The truth is, they do provide you with real Cisco exam questions and answers - which is exactly what they promise. But the good news also is, that this information you cram for your exam stays with you. Don't we all love the 'question and answer' format because of that? So, a few months later, when I received a big promotion with even bigger responsibilities, I often find myself drawing from the knowledge I got from Prep4sure. So it also helps in the long run, so I don't feel that guilty anymore. Christopher R."

Over 90% Of The Questions Are Valid

"Prep4sure works! I passed this exam last fall and at that time over 90% of the questions were absolutely valid. They are highly likely to still be valid as Prep4sure cares to update their materials frequently. Prep4sure is a great organization which has helped me more than once. I'm a regular, so hoping for discount for my next bundle! Ahmed"

I Passed The 998 Exam

"I passed Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing exam (642-998) thanks to Prep4sure. The exam is very hard, and I don't know how long it would take me to prepare on my own. Prep4sure questions are very easy to memorize, and the best part is that they are real and correct. So you basically go in knowing what you'll see on your exam. It may be cheating (I'm not sure from a legal perspective though... maybe not), but who cares as long as you pass this complicated exam and put your Cisco certification on your resume? Josh"

Great Stuff

"Prep4sure is the best IT exam preparation I ever came across: I passed this CCNP level exam easily. Not only are the questions real, but they are structured the way Cisco does it, so it's very easy to remember the answer when the questions come up during the exam. Not all of them are 100% identical, but many are. The rest is just very similar, so if you study the Prep4sure materials well, you'll have no trouble sorting it out. It's very cool and useful to IT professionals like myself. Tracy"

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"I took this exam last month and passed it thanks to my preparation with the Prep4sure kit. This is a great exam dump, more reliable than I could expect. All questions are valid, and it also includes plenty of preparation info. Better and more reliable than I expected - I passed with over 970, which is the best Cisco exam score I ever had. I don't know why so few IT people know about Prep4sure, or maybe it's just my conservative environment? Anyways, I will be spreading the word among my friends since this is great and will be helpful to many. Stephen"

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"I passed the 997 CCNP exam and highly recommend Prep4sure to everyone who considers purchasing their materials. This is a fully valid and reliable preparation tool, a great option for those who cannot afford signing up for full-time courses (which is a waste of money and time if you ask me! Especially if you have Prep4sure). My score was slightly below 1000, being just as good as it gets. In case you were wondering, the questions are real! Alex"


"I used this kit, too. Actually, I passed all my Cisco exams with Prep4sure. As usual, very accurate and reliable. Highly recommended and hands down the best Cisco preparation available online. Victor"

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"I scored 989 on this exam, all thanks to Prep4sure. I would not even call it a braindump as it's so professionally made and the testing engine is so smooth and reliable. Bottom line: absolutely valid and reliable, highly recommended. Maxim"

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"I passed the exam today and scored 1000! Never thought I could do it, but Prep4sure turned out to be a gem in exam preparation. I had a good feeling about it as it seemed to cover all topics, and there have been lots of questions provided. Yet, I didn't expect to see all the same questions in the actual exam. Very pleasant surprise, and I highly recommend using Prep4sure. Paul"

I Passed

"This is great, it works perfectly. I passed this Cisco exam with Prep4sure in the fall last year, just forgot to leave a comment here (was too excited about the job offers which started coming in once I updated my LinkedIn profile with my CCNP certification info!). Now I have a new well paid job and exciting career prospects - all thanks to Prep4sure. Emilio"

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"Hi all, please be informed that I have passed the 996 exam with Prep4sure, which was my main preparation source, with a solid average score. This is a very valid exam material, which I highly recommend to anyone working towards their IT certification. This is a reliable way to prepare and pass your IT exams. In my IT company, there is not a person who has not used/seen/heard/ of the Prep4sure materials. Not only do they help you pass, but they ensure that you learn and end up a successful Cisco professional. Jason"

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"This preparation kit has helped me pass the exam and become CCNP DC. I could not be more excited and thankful to Prep4sure for such an easy and reliable preparation tool. I can confirm that the questions in the bundle are real, this is not a fake. I chose it for being a reliable (recommended by a friend) way to streamline the exam preparation. Like many others, I could not afford studying full time for weeks or even months, and Prep4sure has allowed me to squeeze down my preparation time and still get a great result. Great solution for busy IT professionals Frank"

Most Questions Are Real

"All in all, Prep4sure was a good way for me to prepare for this exam. I passed, but was a little disappointed that now all questions on the exam were 100% the same as what Prep4sure gave me. Over 70% were the same and the rest was very similar - I'm not sure if this is a good thing. I managed to pass, so I think this counts as a good result. But keep in mind that even with Prep4sure you still need to learn and use your brain. Jennie"


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Prep4sure Helped Me Become CCNP!

"I passed this exam with Prep4sure and have recently obtained my CCNP Data Center certificate. I did all my Cisco certifications with Prep4sure, so I can't compare what it's like to take an exam with/without it. Yet, the fact that I keep coming back for their bundles shows that I'm happy with this exam solution. I love being able to practice on my computer, in the comfort of my home, especially when the vast majority of the questions appearing on the exam are exactly the same what you saw in your testing engine at home. Thanks to Prep4sure, I got up to the Cisco Professional level. I'm not sure whether I'll be moving up any time soon, as I seem to be happy where I am. Thanks Prep4sure. Victor"

I Love It

"I passed this exam and I think that Prep4sure is the best IT training option available today. Excellent value for money, correct questions and answers, great format and customer service. I love it and will be using it in the future. Meredith"

Reliable And Flexible

"I passed the 911 exam thanks to this bundle. The questions are accurate, and so are the topics and study guides. The format is very convenient and allows you to study in different formats - practicing on the testing engine, listening to MP3s, reading PDFs and printouts, so you can work out the style and balance that's right for you. I personally loved practicing on the testing engine. It fully simulates the exam, which is especially important for Cisco exams, with all their specific question types. So, it's a flexible yet reliable way to obtain your Cisco certification. I'll be using Prep4sure for my next level certification exams, too. Jeffrey"

Great Offer

"This is an absolutely valid and reliable resource, with real Cisco questions and correct answers. The testing engine works very smooth. With additional info and good customer support, this is an incredibly good offer. No free random braindumps available online can compare with the quality and the good experience I had with Prep4sure. I passed with a really high score, so I'm telling this based on my personal experience. Alexander"

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"Here's yet another vote for Prep4sure as the best way to prepare for Cisco exams. I opted for this kit to prepare for my 991 CCNA Data Center exam. I didn't set my hopes too high and kept an eye on the official syllabus to make sure I do not miss any topics, and it turned out that Prep4sure had them all covered. The preparation was very solid and I felt confident on the exam day. And what really made Prep4sure awesome was the moment when I realized their questions were exactly the same as what Cisco had. Just as promised (which I didn't really expect to be true - you know how it works sometimes!). So, this is great. Don't hesitate, go for it. Ashkan"

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"I passed both CCNA Data Center exams thanks to Prep4sure. This certification does not seem as hard as CCNA Routing and Switching, but it wasn't a piece of cake, too. I studied hard, making sure I go over all practice questions and options at least a few times. It all paid off, Prep4sure makes your efforts worth it. Keith"

I Finally Got My CCNA DC!

"Thanks to this exam dump, I finally got my CCNA Data Center Certification. I failed this exam the first time around, and knew that this time, it was now or never. I still used the official CCNA Data Center book, but kept practicing with Prep4sure, and it helped. Last time, I failed by a tiny margin, literally missing a few points, but this time I had a solid pass score. Prep4sure focused exactly what you'll get on the exam. In my case, I felt they were giving to much attention to various Nexus questions, to the point of asking irrelevant stuff, but thankfully I was prepared! Mission accomplished. Mike"

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