Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is used to assess candidates' aptitude for learning and problem solving at work. Get real Wonderlic questions.

WONDERLIC: Preparing For Your Future

The WONDERLIC exam is a type of intelligence test that can be taken for a number of occupations or professional sports reasons. This test is a relatively short one and is based on the correct responses to fifty questions. The basic tests lasts about twelve minutes and test takers are scored using the Computer Adaptive Testing system (CAT). The CAT basically refers to the increasingly difficulty of the test questions as the test taker answers correctly to the questions. This is a very effective system and most every placement and certification exam makes use of the CAT system.

The WONDERLIC test became popular about thirty years ago when the NFL began administering it to professional football players. The exam is meant to determine the ability of the test taker to learn a new skill or job and use the application. Simply meaning to see if the individual is able to learn and use the information to solve a problem or get a job completed. The WONDERLIC exam has proven to be a highly effective tool and most individuals score between fifteen and twenty-eight on the exam.

The WONDERLIC basic skills test is based on the "basics" that have been learned through life experience and the education system. All questions are multiple choice and administered using a computer. Test takers are asked to pair words with relevant meanings, solve problems using basic math and use logical to complete the questions. Since the WONDERLIC test is based on skills, most people think that they do not need to prepare. It is always best to prepare in some manner for every test that you take. Going into the test site blinded can leave you feeling frustrated and to score poorly on the exam.

Though study guides are not prolific for the exam, there are ways to prepare yourself and have a good understanding of what is expected. That way when you are finished with the exam you can comfortably compare your scores to the football players that took the NFL WONDERLIC test. That is a fun way to take your mind of the stress of the test and it is always interesting to see how you scored in regards to a professional! There are many sample WONDERLIC tests and WONDERLIC online tests that can be taken in order to determine where you need to brush up on skills. If you find that you are struggling with the logic problems, you may want to find a study guide that focuses on mathematics.

The WONDERLIC intelligence test like all others is not always infallible. Unfortunately like the other intelligence tests, there are many arguments that an intelligence test is not only testing "intelligence". Many people struggle with test anxiety and fear of tests. It is as simple as that. When you are nervous or anxiety ridden you are not going to perform as well. That is the reason it is so important before you take WONDERLIC test to obtain a WONDERLIC practice test or WONDERLIC test samples. This is a great way to prepare because you can see the types of questions and materials that you will be tested on. In addition, another great way to prepare is find a free WONDERLIC practice tests online and take one. When your WONDERLIC test score is sent to you, then you have an idea of where you need to focus your study attention. In most cases if you have paid for the preparation site they will allow you to look at the WONDERLIC sample test and view the answers to the WONDERLIC test, that way you can compare. If they have explanations or a help desk you may want to make use of it to clear up anything that you may be struggling with or do not understand.

The WONDERLIC test results vary greatly from person to person. This can be expected any time an individual is tested for intelligence. Different professions have been found to have varying scores as well. It is documented that one person has scored a perfect score of fifty, but most people average between twenty and thirty. The test has also been used as a WONDERLIC scholastic level exam used by many universities and colleges. In most cases, this is not the basis of obtaining admission into the university, but for research purposes.

Obtaining a free WONDERLIC test is not difficult and a simple Internet search can grant you many results. There are several sites that offer a condensed version or free copy of WONDERLIC exam. The only issue that you may encounter is finding the scoring or WONDERLIC test answers. The free test will not do you much good unless you are able to view the answers and an explanation if you get them incorrect.

This test is also given for fun sometimes through workshops and management leadership training. It gives a WONDERLIC test averages allowing the workshop leader to prove a point or explain how individuals differ greatly in business. What ever the reason for taking the WONDERLIC it is a good exam and allows for business leaders, professionals and individuals to get a good idea of how well someone will perform in a specific job or role in a company.

Registration for the WONDERLIC test can be completed in a variety of manners. Depending on the scheduler of the exam, they are most often available around the world at Prometric testing sites. They are computerized so the score is calculated by the computer and available upon completion of the test. Many test takers get a big kick out of comparing their scores against the scores of the NFL football players. The scores have been broken down into professional playing positions and their averages. See how you rate to the quarterback!

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